Our Happy Clients!

I had the best start in 2018 as I started my training at TeamTiva learning the essentials of Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Services whereTheodora Isolais the CEO. Till tomorrow the bond won’t break cause she’s the definition of Awesomeness. She mentored and made me a mini expert at Digital Marketing (smiles), helped me  carve a niche and introduced me to Virtual Assistant services.
Today, I can only join the rest of the world to celebrate your amazing and beautiful soul.
Thank you for being there for me and being you!!!

- Allison Chinwendu

I met a Dynamic woman in 2018

A mother of 2 beautiful, smart with brilliant kids! Mrs. Theodora Isola She’s the best Virtual assistant in Nigeria and beyond(her good work speaks for her!) Probably I’ll dedicate a day to talk about her as my big time influencer. Owing to my few months internship, I learnt two striking logics that influenced my  lifestyle in 2018

Logic #1

She is a believer…
She believes anyone can perform better if given the platform! She doesn’t ask “if you can?” RATHER, She tells you to “do it!”, “Why ask you to try when i can just tell you to do it!”… “I believe in you more than you believe in yourself”……She once said!  Don’t be the reason for anyone to give into doubting themselves!!
You might just be the push they need!
Such words come from only a heart that has over the years believed so deep in herself,  seen the results and now a radiator of her belief system! Believing in someone else is an added strength only few can carry.

Logic #2

“See ehh life will be easier if we can just stop making it complex”……she once said.
When creating content, the key is simplicity…..
Let go of big words, over fine tuned English and Vocabs that only few understands. It doesn’t determine an increased rate of the desired result, rather it Drains your energy! She basically emphasized on content creation but I went beyond that, I applied it in my  lifestyle. Stop making life complicated and break every word, every struggle, every issue, every moment, every emotion and every situation into simple terms that will attract simpler  solutions…..
Life isn’t as complicated as we believe.
Break that load down!

- Favour Oturi