With creative vision combined with market research skills, we plan out successful product launch campaigns, reaching out to your target audience and finding out what  they look for in products.

We act as a mediator between you and your consumers, communicating consumer needs and translating those needs into new product features to design and execute.  You can trust that we don’t stop at product launch but see every product project through to successful execution, pro-design and consistent development.

To meet up with the changes and development that comes with building a successful  brand and business today, Innovation is very important. You would think every business  person should know this but they continue to face the challenge of how to go about this  and despite the opportunities brought about by globalization and technology, many will  still record low productivity as they do not know how to leverage suitable solutions but through research, the right investments, the right partnership and support, brands and businesses get the right knowledge required to innovate.

In those difficult times where innovation seems like a herculean task, developing clear  understanding and leadership can help define problems clearly and then the appropriate  solutions to solve these problems and innovation can help position businesses on how they respond to change and development so that they are truly competitive and continue to grow strategically.

By responding to globalisation, new technologies and investing in intellectual assets like  industry knowledge, human capital, research and development, a brand or business can  be sure of strengthened innovation performance leading to increase growth and high  rate returns.

Industry knowledge is key in growth and ensuring an organisation remains competitive  and they are constantly increasing their market value It’s no longer news that we are going to live with the reality of the Coronavirus disease  for some time. Actually no one really knows how long before the vaccines or cure are  truly in circulation and accessible to all. This means that the world is gradually moving from being on hold, staying home to living with Covid-19. While we hope that the vaccine or cure comes through, we all have a responsibility to play in keeping ourselves  safe and stopping the spread while also adjusting to this current reality and looking out  for ways to live right through this pandemic. On how this affects business? Well really bad. No business who truly want to make money and profit can stay closed, not even for a short time and sadly the coronavirus season is taking such a long time.

When thinking and planning growth for your brand and business, you have to think about innovation while looking at the available business opportunities. This ensures you are leveraging the right technology, working toward improving productivity and of course increasing income and profit.

The level of innovation to explore can depend on the size of your workforce which in turn impacts on your growth. There is internal innovation and external innovation. External innovations are more powerful for growth in larger business.

When you are a small business your focus should be on internal innovation and  improvement.
As a brand or business no doubt that you will have to overcome many limitations and  they can do this through putting up appropriate structures to help them with innovation that are important for the growth of their companies.

In exploring internal innovation the focus should be on ensuring brand growth by checking behaviours, what the brand has to offer, improving capabilities to ensure the brand increases profit.

For external innovation, the focus is on exploring new ideas to increase companies’ products and services.
When working toward internal innovation, businesses can focus on R&D to improve their products and services, which may cost them but the result from its success means more money for them or at least when the benefits begin to outweigh the cost of innovation.

If you know competitors who are doing well in your industry, investing in external R&D with a lot of hope for success. This may need introducing a new product.

As a company looking to improve product ownership and introduce a new one in your industry, investing in both internal to external innovation can help you scheme this.

Let’s look at a new brand who doesn’t have existing products. What do they do in this case?
You guessed it right, they need to invest in external innovation. Same thing applies to a small business who have one or two products or service lines, they will need to spend more on external innovation than on internal innovation. Organizations who have a  number of products will need to spend more on internal innovation to ensure they find the existing gold in their gold mine.

The growth experience by companies depends on the resources invested in innovation, while understanding the specific innovation they need to undertake per time