Getting your business to the stage of becoming the people’s (customers/clients/prospect) number one choice will require a lot more than having just a good and marketable product and service or having the right marketing tools. In this article, you will learn how to outshine your competitors for the purpose of business growth.

Competition is a major challenge when it comes to marketing; that is, you can have a good product, a good strategy for rendering services, and a charming way of projecting/marketing your products and services to attract customers, but with competitions scattered everywhere it becomes a challenge to stand out and get more customers on your side. This is because there are so many options to choose from; especially if your product is on high demand (somehow it always happens to be the higher the demand the higher the competition). One thing to note is that every business has a competition which always leads them to the question of How Do I Dominant My Competitions? And the only answer to this is simple: Carry out a Research on your Competitions.

How Do I Carry Out A Competition Research?

Below we have listed 3 ways to go about this and we will be discussing them right away. They are;

1. Identify and Make A List of Your Competitions:

This is the first step to dominating your competition, you must be able to identify and know your threats. In identifying your competition, you aren’t just going to pick businesses doing what you do, the focus is on those who actually are currently positioned the way you perceive yourself. Afterward make a list of them as this will help keep them on your priority list because we are about to get to business.

2. Learn About Your Competitors:
This is slightly different from identifying them. Knowing them will require you do an intensive background check to monitor what they are actually doing and what they are up to that puts them in the space they are. So how can you go about this?
  • You can sign up for their Emails, promotions, subscribe to their channels, or visit their website for updates and offers. When you fill out a form or sign up for an offer with them you get enlisted as a prospect or customer and this gives you access to get updates from them on new offers from time to time.
3. Become A Customer:

This is so important because as a customer you get unlimited access to have a closer look at their processes and product. This will also help you get to study and understand;

  • Their marketing strategy and customer retention strategy.
  • How they follow through the sales funnel.
  • Their methods, product, and services, what makes it unique or preferrable to yours.

Note becoming a customer doesn’t mean literally becoming a customer but more like blind shopping for the purpose of research so as to get a closer look at what your competitions are all about.

4. Use Google As an Advantage:

Aside from Google search that we all know, there are still countless offers available on google that you can leverage for your business visibility and growth and other offers that help you track your competitions. Some of these offers include;

  • Google My Business: this platform is designed for businesses to register their business for easy access and visibility. Sign up your business on google my business and ensure your profile is updated.
  • Google Maps: this is one major way to be ahead of your competition using google.
  • Use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measures to help you rank higher than your competitions on Google maps.
  • Signup for Google Alert: this allows you to set an alert on your competitions by monitoring them and alerting you once they take a step.