A Quick Overview on Twitter:

Twitter is quite an interesting platform to use, it’s a social media platform and also one of the online marketing tools because of how active it has become lately with user’s engagement. Statistics shows that, about 500million tweets are sent everyday, the platform is often called a micro blogging platform by some people; this is because content posting on this platform must be concise, and it also allows the use of hash-tags and mentions. With over 321million active users.

Task: Create and launch your twitter account

Setting Up a New Twitter Account

This includes, creating and ensuring it has the look and feel that reflects you or your brand. You may be setting up more than one especially if you run a business. I specifically have set up a lot of accounts. So, what do you need to create a New Twitter Account?
  • Email and Phone Number
  • Password
You can set up from searching for Twitter on Google or installing the app on your phone. Click on Signup Enter the required details Now when this is done, you may not automatically get the Twitter username that you want. This is where you really need to use a web browser. You can use the web browser on your phone but it’s always easier to use a computer. I will demonstrate this. If you go to www.twitter.com you can either signup or login Once that is done, go ahead and start posting your tweets.

It is important to plan your content and this may take some time at first which will in the long run save you time and stress. You can create a simple Twitter Calendar to organize your content.

Researching topics, your industry, and trends will help you come up with content that is right for your platform.

For a simple calendar:

A calendar can also help you assess your content and see if you’re sharing as planned. Please note, you can absolutely go ahead with content.

4. Scheduling Tweets
There are different platforms for scheduling posts on Social Media but since our focus is just Twitter, I’ll share the platform most preferred.

With Tweetdeck, you can manage multiple accounts. To login you need to use your Twitter login details and you can then add more accounts. If you add an account you will need to give permission so that you can manage the twitter account there.

So, you can choose a day in the week to create your Tweets and then schedule for the whole week. Typically, you should make at least 5 -20 tweets daily, these can be specific tweets then you can do other posts based on trends.

Let’s say you created 21 Tweets for last week and already scheduled it, you can simply do new tweets based on the hashtags. Of course, that will increase your activity online and get more people noticing you.

On Twitter, you can follow People and People can follow, we have people who have lots of followers. They are often called influencers. It means that lots of people pay attention to what they share and will even take decisions based on their advice.

When tweeting, you can get the attention of another twitter user (tweep) by mentioning them. Please if you got any value from this training, drop a review/recommendation https://g.page/r/Cc8jEpkVY-GLEAg/review